Home Art Studio Review

Disclaimer: I chose to receive lessons and art supplies from Home Art Studio in exchange for a giveaway on this blog. All opinions here are mine and truthful.  I enjoyed Home Art Studio so much that I purchased two more of the DVDs with my own hard-earned cash. 

Oh, Art. Give me three words to describe teaching art (from a homeschool mom’s perspective). Ready, set, go:

Fun! Exciting! Favorite!

Were those your three words? Didn’t think so.

For years art has been one of my own personal homeschooling hang-ups. Not quite in the same way as math, of course, because math is something I feel compelled to do-or-die daily.

Unlike math, some of us just skip over art because relatives and neighbors aren’t going to judge us based on our children’s ability to draw a horse. But we have a problem when the kids can’t spit out answers to the math fact quizzing.

I have left art to whatever my kids can get done at co-op. Until now. Finding Home Art Studio has been fun and exciting for me. It is one of my favorite things now. The kids love it, too.

Our Project Gallery

Watermelon Watercolor Project from Home Art Studio

Watercolor Watermelon from Home Art Studio 2nd Grade Program
completed by S, 8 years old


humpty-dumpty art

Abstract Watercolor Egg from Home Art Studio 2nd Grade Program
completed by S, 9 years old


Blue Dog Painting Project from Home Art Studio

Blue Dog from Home Art Studio 2nd Grade Program
completed by S, 8 years old



Sunflowers Art from Home Art Studio Kindergarten Program
completed by L, 6 years old


Cinnamon Roll Sculpture Project from Home Art StudioCinnamon Roll Sculpture from Home Art Studio Kindergarten Program
completed by L, 6 years old


Piggy Party Art Project from Home Art StudioPiggy Party Watercolor from Home Art Studio Kindergarten Program
completed by L, 6 years old


Fish Printmaking Art Project by Home Art StudioFish Printmaking from Home Art Studio Kindergarten Program
completed by L, 6 years old


Reflection Houses Art Project from Home Art StudioReflection Houses Mixed Media Project from Home Art Studio First Grade Program completed by L, 6 years old


Alphabet Watercolor Resist Art Project from Home Art Studio

Alphabet Watercolor Resist from Home Art Studio Kindergarten Program
completed by L, 6 years old

Your children will do two main things with Home Art Studio: learn and create.


  • about famous artists and famous artworks
  • various art elements and principles
  • new art techniques


My children have completed ten lessons from Home Art Studio and encountered a variety of activities in order to complete their projects:

  • cutting
  • tearing
  • painting with watercolors and acrylics
  • sculpting (and baking)
  • drawing
  • tracing
  • pasting
  • mixing colors

And do it all with EASE!

One of the best features of learning art with Ms. Volin is that it is easy for mom to implement.

1. Choose which level you want to buy, and order your DVDs. (If you buy two DVDs through September 15th, you will get the Holiday DVD for free!).
2. Purchase art supplies (the lists at Jerry’s Art-O-Rama make this really easy and the quality supplies will make your students’ projects shine!)
3. Wait for items to arrive.
4. Print lesson plans (PDF found on the DVD) and gather supplies for your first lesson.
5. Watch Ms. Volin as she teaches and demonstrates.
6. Create!

A Few More Things To Note

  • DVDs can be used with multiple ages
  • DVD lessons can also be used in homeschool cooperatives with no extra charge!
  • My reluctant artist was inspired to make additional art with the new techniques he learned with Home Art Studio
  • My eager artist is thrilled that we are able to do art projects so often

Try Home Art Studio for Free

If you want to add art to your homeschool line-up, Home Art Studio is a great way to get started. You can try any of these six lessons before you buy one of the DVDs.

Home Art Studio Giveaway

Special Offer

Home Art Studio: Buy 2 DVDs, Get Holiday Arts and Crafts for FREE
Order two DVDs today and receive Home Art Studio‘s Holiday Arts and Crafts DVD for FREE! (Offer expires 9/15/15)

Come back to the blog on Monday, July 20th as we kick-off our Home Art Studio Giveaway! It’s going to be grand!

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5 thoughts on “Home Art Studio Review”

  1. We had the 2nd and 3rd grade Home Art Studio videos and were quite pleased with the art projects. However, the lighting used on the dvd’s makes it difficult to see the teacher as she is drawing/painting. There was a definite glare and zooming in did not help. This frustrated both my daughter and I. I contacted Home Art Studio and never received a response, so I was disappointed in the customer service as well.

    1. I am curious what you were using to watch the DVDs as we haven’t had any issues at all with the 2nd grade program. We used the flat screen monitor from our desktop.

      1. Hi, Ami!

        We used our flat screened monitor from our pc, and our flat screen tv as well. I would say that maybe it was the disc, but it was a problem with both grades, using both devices. As I said, I would have felt better about it if customer service was better. I have never received a response.

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