Come See the Earth Turn

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A Book Worth Reading Come See the Earth Turn

Are you looking for a way to share some of the human stories behind scientific breakthroughs?  Come See the Earth Turn is a book that does just that!  Léon Foucault was born on September 18, 1819. He was very weak at birth and when he was young he was very slow in school and needed lots of assistance. As he grew older, he found that he had a special talent for building things. Suddenly his slowness was an advantage since he was able to be so precise! His mother wanted him to be a surgeon, but Léon left medical school to follow his dream of becoming a scientist. He enjoyed working with microscopes and cameras to study light and actually took the first photograph of the sun. He also managed to measure the speed of light more accurately than it had ever been measured before.

At this time in history, scientists believed that the earth spins on its axis, but they didn’t know how to prove this. One day, Léon was working in his workshop and bumped into his lathe, and when he saw how parts of the machine kept moving, he realized how he could prove that the earth spins on its axis. He worked and worked and finally was able to show his experiment to other scientists. After he set his pendulum in motion, it slowly began to move away from a line that had been marked on the floor. Everyone could see that the pendulum was swinging independently and the earth was rotating beneath it.

Lori Mortensen has told Foucault’s story well and also includes an author’s note, a glossary, and a bibliography that includes several websites that illustrate Foucault’s experiment. Raúl Allén’s illustrations are a combination of pencil and watercolor with some digital editing, and the result is a unique mix of historical and modern looks. Some of the pages have picture boxes within the picture, giving the book a sort of graphic novel feel. These pictures will especially appeal to older students who will also understand the scientific concepts more than younger ones might.

Come See the Earth Turn is a perfect example of a picture book that can be used with students of all ages. Of course younger children will enjoy the story, but this would be a great addition to an older child’s science studies, both for the biographical and the scientific information. I think it’s also an amazing example of how sometimes very complex problems can be solved with a simple start–a very good lesson for readers of any age!


March Great Homeschool Giveaway — 6 Winners, $930 in Prizes!

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March Great Homeschool Giveaway

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Thales Unit Study


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Wildlife Adventures Dolphin Unit Study ($13) a 68 page study with bible, science, history, language arts with creative writing, phonics, spelling & vocabulary. Learn about dolphins in ancient Greece and enjoy a geography study of that area. Writing prompts, and hands on creative activities are built right in to this unit. There is a 3 day lesson plan for multiple ages which can be spread out over the week or used once per week for a month.

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Bring History to Life with March Dates in History

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Bring History to Life with March Dates in History

I hope you’ve been enjoying our monthly roundups of teaching resources that bring history to life. It’s time for a roundup of teaching resources for March dates in history, and I hope you’ll like what we’ve found. These worksheets will take you from Dr. Seuss’ birthday to Madagascar, from the founding of Chicago to the discovery of Uranus, and beyond!

On March 2, 1904, Theodor Seuss Geisel, a/k/a Dr. Seuss, was born. Celebrate his birthday with some fun circus birthday party placemats and a fish matching game.

March 6, 1806, is the birthday of Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Enjoy a free poem fill-in from one of her most famous sonnets.

On March 12, 1773, Jeanne Baptiste Pointe de Sable founded the settlement now known as Chicago. See if you can put these fourteen historic facts about Chicago in their proper order with this Chicago history timeline quiz.

On March 13, 1781, William Herschel discovered Uranus and became the first astronomer to discover a planet by using a telescope. Test your knowledge of the seventh planet and the year it was discovered with this fun combo pack of worksheets.

James Madison, the fourth President of the United States, was born March 16, 1751. Celebrate his birthday with Presidential Copywork from his inaugural address.

Why is March 25, 1751, called Old New Year’s Day? See what you and your students can learn about the Gregorian calendar and when it was adopted by Great Britain and her colonies. Then come have fun with a Free Calendar Scramble.

March 26, 1971, celebrates Bangladesh Independence Day. Try your hand at matching the flags with the nations who held influence over Bangladesh prior to its independence. For more great resources on Bangladesh, check out my book Asia: Its People and History and the free bonus content you’ll find here.

March 27, 1945, is known as Myanmar (Burma) Resistance Day and celebrates the day Burma joined the Allies in World War II. Learn a little bit more about the land and its people with this Burma drawing and writing activity.

Denton True Young, remembered by baseball fans as Cy Young, was born March 29, 1867. Enjoy some baseball-themed writing prompts and notebooking pages to celebrate!

March 29, 1947, is Madagascar Commemoration Day and honors those who fell in a 1947 rebellion against the French. Try some notebooking questions about the baobab trees and leaping lemurs of Madagascar!

Bonnie Rose Hudson3

Bonnie Rose Hudson works with both and The Old Schoolhouse Magazine® as a curriculum creator and as the Executive Editor of Her heart’s desire is for every child to feel the love of God and know how special they are to Him. She would love for you to stop by her author’s blog for resources to help teach your children about missions and the persecuted Church, free history and writing printables, and to discover how you can write for the homeschool market.

Rabbit Unit Study and Lapbook

FREE Rabbit Unit Study

Spring is coming, and it’s the perfect time to plan a rabbit unit study! You can start with Homeschool Share’s free unit study and lapbook. Simply pick and choose the lessons and printables you would like for your student to complete.


Book Basket

Next, you should add in a dose of good literature from your library. Here are my top picks!

Rabbit Unit Study Library List

Fiction Books:

The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams
The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter

Nonfiction Books:

Rabbits, Rabbits, and More Rabbits by Gail Gibbons
Rabbits, Squirrels, and Chipmunks: Take-Along Guide by Mel Boring

Read Aloud Books:

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo
Rabbit Hill by Robert Lawson


Arts and Crafts

You can also pick and choose some fun projects to add to your study.

Rabbit Painting

(Eric Carle collage style) found at Crafty Morning



Origami Rabbit

Painted Bunny Art Lesson

from Deep Space Sparkle

Painted Bunnies from Deep Space Sparkle

Food Fun

Hard Boiled Bunny

from Five Heart Home


Funny Bunny Cracker

from Little Food Junction



Rabbit Cupcake

from Creations by Kara

Bunny Cupcake from Creations by Kara

More Unit Studies and Printables!


Looking for more? You can find nine rabbit themed unit studies at Homeschool Share. If you are looking for something for your preschooler or upper elementary student, we have it!