Substitute Groundhog


Maybe Groundhog Day isn’t up there with Christmas and Easter and the Fourth of July, but when February rolls around and it seems like winter will never end, I think celebrating any holiday is a great idea!  Pat Miller’s Substitute Groundhog is a terrific book to read on Groundhog Day or it could even be a great launch for some animal studies!

It’s the day before Groundhog Day, and Groundhog is sick!  He decides the best plan is to find a substitute, but not just any volunteer will do.  The substitute groundhog must meet certain requirements in order to get the job.  Animal after animal auditions, but none of them can do the job right.  Finally, Armadillo saves the day–and takes Groundhog on a vacation!  The bright, cheery illustrations add fun to the book as you look each applicant over and try to decide if they look like they could fill Groundhog’s shoes.  With some of the animals, it’s clear just by looking at them that they aren’t suited for the position!

Substitute Groundhog would make a good read aloud for the day, but if you want to take it even further, there are FREE lapbooks at Homeschool Share for almost all of the animals in the book:

And at the end of the book, Armadillo takes Groundhog off to Texas, so this would be a great lead in to a unit study with Armadillo Rodeo!

Happy Groundhog Day–and may your winter be short this year!

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