America’s White Table

A Book Worth Reading: America's White Table

 I love it when I find new-to-me books on Homeschool Share—especially when they have an entire unit study to go along with them!  This Veterans Day you should really look into America’s White Table to share with your children about honoring those who have given their lives for our freedoms.

Margot Theis Raven tells the story of the MIA/POW Remembrance or Missing Man Table.  Started by a group of fighter pilots during the Vietnam War, the Remembrance Table is set in honor of those service members who are missing in action or prisoners of war.  Each item on the table has a certain meaning, such as salt for the tears of those waiting for a loved one to return or a white candle for peace.

Along with the tradition of the table, Raven tells the story of the three girls who are setting the table as they learn about their Uncle John’s time as a prisoner of war during Vietnam.  The story is not based on any one specific person, a decision the author made to “allow [the story] to represent every branch of the military, and be a universal sign of brotherhood for all MIAs and POWs.”

The girls in story that are learning about the tradition of the Remembrance Table are elementary school-aged, but because this is not a practice known to most people, I think it would still be an appropriate book for older kids, too, and obviously older children are going to understand the significance of the sacrifice more deeply than younger kids.  This is still a good book to read to your younger ones, too, though, as it is a good way to discuss some pretty big concepts.

America’s White Table would be a wonderful addition to your studies about Veterans Day or war, whether you are looking for a full unit study or just a read aloud to share.  It is one of those great books that teaches facts and touches hearts.

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