Tea Time with Wassily Kandinsky

Tea Time with famous artist, Wassily Kandinsky, from the Homeschool Share blog
Wassily Kandinsky Bio Information

Wassily Kandinsky was born in Moscow on December 16, 1866.  He studied law and economics, but at the age of 30 he decided to enroll in art school in Munich.  Though his early paintings are mainly of towns and landscapes, he loved to experiment with color and eventually he began to create abstract paintings.  Kandinsky is thought to have had synesthesia, a condition in which the stimulation of one sense leads to a sensation in another sense.  Kandinsky, for example, seemed to be able to hear color.  After a long career painting and teaching, Kandinsky died in France on December 13, 1944.

Kandinsky Tea Time Ideas from the Homeschool Share blog

There are not many books about Kandinsky geared toward children, but The Noisy Paint Box is an excellent read.  This book tells the story of how Kandinsky received his first paint box from his aunt and heard the colors as he mixed and painted.  The pictures are beautiful and the descriptive word choice is superb.  This is a must-read for any Kandinsky artist study!

noisy paint box

Wassily Kandinsky Activity Ideas

I think Kandinsky (and other abstract artists) are wonderful for children to study because their work is a bit easier for kids to imitate.  Of course, Kandinsky wasn’t just slapping paint on his canvas, but younger ones are more likely to be able to make something similar to his works than to those of Michaelangelo, for example.  When we studied Kandinsky a couple of years ago, both of my children enjoyed the projects we tried and were not intimidated at all.

Kandinsky Tea Time Ideas from the Homeschool Share blog
All you need to make a Kandinsky Colorweaver is some paper and crayons!

Kandinsky Tea Time Ideas from the Homeschool Share blogThese circles are also another simple and fun project. If you want to cut the circles out, you can make a fall tree with them!

Ami and her crew did this project that they found at Deep Space Sparkle–easy Kandinsky circles with construction paper.

Kandinsky’s circle art is also the inspiration behind these mobiles and this awesome 3D art idea.  I think we’re definitely going to have to revisit Kandinsky soon!

If you’re keeping an artist notebook, check out this free notebooking page on Kandinsky!

Kandinsky Tea Time Ideas from the Homeschool Share Blog

Wassily Kandinsky Tea Time Treat


For one of our tea time snacks, we had Kandinsky Cookies!  We just made plain sugar cookies (I like this recipe) and then used tubes of icing to decorate them.  It’s an easy treat–and a great way to use up those stray decorating supplies that seem to accumulate in the pantry!

Tea Time (famous artist study) with Kandinsky

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