August Make the Days Count Activity Calendar

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August is National Aviation Month and gives multiple opportunities to learn about flight! Amelia Earhart completed a non-stop flight across North America on August 25, 1932. Wilbur Wright’s birthday is August 19, 1867. That same day is also National Aviation Day. The classic children’s book, The Glorious Flight, was written by Alice Provensen whose birthday is also in August!

August also brings us National Picnic Month and several delicious days to celebrate such as National Frozen Custard Day, National Raspberry Cream Pie Day, National Banana Split Day, and even Eat a Peach Day! You could even eat a yummy peach while on a picnic.

Whether you are at the park picnicking, in the kitchen making cherry turnovers, or studying dogs or the history of flight–make some wonderful memories and make the days count!

Click on the calendar below to grab this month’s calendar.


July Grand Giveaway — Asia: It’s People and History

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We have such a delightful giveaway for you this month! July Giveaway

Bonnie Rose Hudson

If you have not yet heard of Bonnie Rose Hudson and her wonderful new book, Asia: Its People and History, you are in for a treat today. Bonnie Rose is  the inspring author of two blogs: Write Bonnie Rose and Looking Out the 10/40 Window. She has a heart for the the lost, especially those living in the 10/40 Window comprised mostly of Asia. In her book, she sets out to introduce children to the people and culture of six of these countries, while leading them to learn about the needs of persecuted Christians living them, and most importantly, how to pray for them.

Asia: Its People and History

AsiaCover1b-smalldropshadowIs the land of Asia a mystery to your kids? Do they know who lives there? Do they know how to pray for them? Asia is home to more than fifty countries and territories and roughly three-fifths of the world’s population. Could you use some help introducing your family to this vast land? This sixteen-week course presents a brief picture of six nations. It is by no means all encompassing. Its purpose is to introduce your students to the people of Asia, share their stories, and spark curiosity. I am delighted that Bonnie Rose is offering us 2 print copies of her book for this giveaway. I hope you win!

The Giveaway

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Give Freedom

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freedomIt is, in fact, nothing short of a miracle
that the modern methods of instruction
have not yet entirely strangled the holy curiosity of inquiry;
for this delicate little plant,
aside from stimulation,
stands mainly in need of freedom.
~Albert Einstein


Cook with Books: The Great Brain

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cook with books great britain

One of my son’s favorite books series we read this year was John D. Fitzgerald’s The Great Brain series, which chronicles the adventures of young J.D. Fitzgerald and his older brothers, Sweyn and Tom–also known as The Great Brain.  Growing up in Utah in the late 1890s, The Great Brain always has a scheme and his plans are definitely entertaining to read about!   The Fitzgerald boys always look forward to Sunday, because it “was the day of the week when we made ice cream, and everybody helped.”  Fitzgerald describes all the work they had to do in great detail, which may be a surprise to kids who are used to choosing from numerous flavors of ice cream in the freezer aisle!  For this book, we made ice cream in a bag, and while it’s not quite as much work as they go through in the book, you definitely work hard enough to burn some of those calories!

Ice Cream Delicious!

IngredientsYou just need a few ingredients to make this yummy treat!

  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1 cup whipping cream
  • 1 cup milk
  • egg substitute equivalent to one egg
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla

mixingPut all of your ingredients together in a quart sized freezer bag.  Seal the top (and then double check it so you don’t lose all of your ingredients!) and then knead the bag gently to mix everything together.

ShakePut the quart sized freezer bag inside a gallon sized freezer bag and add ice and rock salt.  Seal it, and then start shaking.

Still shakingShake until you think surely it’s ready.  It’s not.  Shake some more.  Maybe move outside and shake some while you’re there.

Tired of shakingJust when you think you can’t shake any more, you’ll realize your ice cream is getting thick!

FinishedAll that hard work will pay off and you will have a delicious treat–and be glad that you weren’t born 100 years ago!

Cook with Books Pinterest Board

National Rabbit Week!

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rabbit week

In honor of these cute fur balls, Homeschool Share has a New, FREE Unit Study and Lapbook for you….                                                                        

The Habits of Rabbits by Virginia Kahl!












Sweet little Gunhilde is at it again, and this time she wants pet rabbits! While she isn’t aware of the “habits of rabbits,” the King sure is, but his warning goes unheeded. What is Gunhilde to do, as her cute, furry pets take over the kingdom?

My children are in their teens now, and we still love Virginia Kahl’s picture books. Told in rhyme, and taking place during medieval times, I hope her books become favorites of your family, too!

Homeschool Share also has Free Unit Studies and Lapbooks for some classic rabbit favorites.

The Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown  











The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter  











  Or maybe your children would enjoy making this Free Rabbit Lapbook:


All these and more can be found on Homeschool Share’s Rabbits Connections Page.