June’s Making the Days Count Activity Calendar

Here in the states, June brings summertime!  Whether your schooling breaks for the summer or you keep on going, I am sure you’ll want choose some fun activities this month that will help you continue to make the days count with your children!

June Activity Calendar 2014 from Homeschool Share
June 4th is Do-Dah Day (a salute to silliness!). Here are some ideas for ways to celebrate Do-Dah Day with your kids. Have fun!

Ideas to Celebrate Do-Dah Day (a salute to silliness!)

Here are some silly  ideas for Do-Dah Day!

1. Read Wacky Wednesday

2. Sing Silly Songs

3. Create Silly Sentences

4. Make Homemade Silly Putty!

5. Eat silly face crackers.

6. Try some Silly Play and Fun Challenges.

7. Be a silly scientist and conduct the Color Changing Milk Experiment.

8. Read Fox in Socks. Try saying some tongue twisters. Try writing some tongue twisters.

9. Wear mismatched clothes or wear your clothes backwards.

10. Use hair gel to make funny hair-dos for a crazy hair day.

11. Read a joke book together.

12. Make new rules for a favorite card game and play it.

13.  Take lots of silly photos. Add mustaches for some extra fun!

14. Set out some play-doh, toothpicks, google eyes, and pipe cleaners. Create Monster Masterpieces!

15. Craft silly hats to wear.

16. Play Roll to Write.

17.  Just for extra fun– buy some plastic drinking straw eyeglasses!

18. Read poems by Shel Silverstein.

19.  Check your library for Funny Food by Bill Wurtzel and plan some silly meals!

20. Put on your favorite kid songs. Try whistling the tune instead of singing it.

21. Plan a Mad Hatter Tea and invite friends for the event.

22. Make some Glow-in-the-Dark Slime.

23. Eat dessert for breakfast or dinner. You could even make some Pound Cake Grilled Cheese!

24. Watch some episodes of The Muppet Show. Many can be found for free on YouTube.

25. Read books by Mo Willems. So silly!

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