The Birds of the Air

Learning About Birds with

Birds are probably my all time FAVORITE thing to study!! We’ve done so many different things over the years from various bird feeders, to lap books, to books we’ve read. My children have enjoyed learning about the birds in our backyard, nature study at its best!!

First of all, take a peek at all that HSS has related to BIRDS! You could study birds for a whole year! I’m listing a few of my favorites here, but you can see ALL of the bird resources on this page!

Bird Studies from HSS

So, now that you have PLENTY of learning material and lap books to choose from, here are some hands on activities to add to your study, as well as some art projects!

Hands-On Bird Activities

Bird Related Art Projects & Crafts

Poem to Memorize

I love using poetry as copy work and for memorization. I usually try to find poems that fit with our unit study or whatever we happen to be learning about at the moment. Here is a perfect poem for your bird study!

The Woodpecker

by Elizabeth Madox Roberts 

The woodpecker pecked out a little round  hole

And made him a house in the telephone pole.

One day when I watched he poked out his head,

And he had on a hood and a collar of red.

When the streams of rain pour out of the sky,

And the sparkles of lightning go flashing by,

And the big, big wheels of thunder rolls,

He can snuggle back in the telephone poll.


Check out our Bird Pinterest Board too!

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