February Grand Giveaway — Science4Us.com

science4us giveaway


Sience4Us.com is an interactive standards-based science curriculum. Providing foundational skills for K-2nd grade, Science4Us engages students and increases teachers’ comfort with and commitment to teaching science.

Science4Us includes cross-curricular activities, to ensure you have time to fit science in without missing out on other subjects.

Hands-On activities are essential to gaining a true understanding of science. Science4Us includes hands on projects and investigations.

One winner will receive a 6-month membership to this fun and innovative resource. To enter, complete the Rafflecopter below.


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38 thoughts on “February Grand Giveaway — Science4Us.com”

  1. Seeing my kids understand a concept they are trying to learn when it “clicks” w/ the experiment. Right now we use apologia & I LOVE how it explains God’s perfect plan through creation.

  2. We recently pulled our son out of public school to begin our homeschooling adventure. I am beyond thrilled with how much he has excelled, and am really excited to see how much he truly loves science. His eagerness to learn encourages me daily!

  3. I love helping my kids learn about the world around them. it’s especially awesome when we learn something and then they see it in “real” life and are excited to see it in action .

  4. It is so fun and fulfilling to see young faces light up with excitement when they get to learn in a hands-on way! Science provides so many things to learners that span across so many subject areas and life in general!

  5. Afraid to admit that science is the one subject I don’t love to teach. We could definitely use some help in this area. Thank you for a great give away.

  6. My kids love to nature and the world around them, so they love to find out more about those things. I love it because I’m learning so much too!

  7. I love watching them as something clicks and they understand what just happened. I love watching them get messu..and laugh out loud!

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