2 thoughts on “Homeschoolers and Snacks”

  1. We do a lot of muffins and toast along with apples or applesauce. I love to do apples with peanut butter or cheese so that there is a protein component.

    I try to keep the kid from snacking ALL. DAY. LONG. But with just one – and a preteen boy at that – I have a tendency to just let him eat when he’s hungry. As long as he’s getting the food himself because I don’t want to have to!

  2. Great list Tristan! Some others we have used throughout the years…

    Snack Mix – I’d buy whatever happened to be on sale or that I had a coupon for – raisins, craisins, dried prunes, dried banana chips, nuts, chocolate chips – and put them in a large jar with a scoop.

    Hard Boiled Eggs – hard boil a couple of dozen at the beginning of the week and eat them plain or pickle them

    Healthful Cookies – Oatmeal w/ raisin and/or apple, zucchini hermits, etc. I’d always hide extra nutrients in them – flax seed, wheat germ, oat bran, etc. and sweeten w/ stevia or honey.

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