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It’s never too early to start thinking about homeschool conventions! If you want to be equipped, encouraged, and educated, check out Great Homeschool Conventions. They will be in three locations this year:

  • Greenville, South Carolina
  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Ontario, California
The speaker line up is amazing! Browse through it. Do you see any of your favorites? I do!

Great Homeschool Conventions
is offering one Family Registration to the winner’s convention of choice. The family registration covers the entry fee for all three days of the convention for the parents, children, and even the grandparents.* If you have teens attending with you, you can ask for up to four passes for the Real Faith for the Real World teen track.
It’s not hard to enter! Just check out the Rafflecopter below.

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*Special event tickets are not included and need to be purchased separately.

Show & Tell ~ Ancient Egypt Lapbook

What is your approach to home education? Do you generally consider yourself a classical educator, a Charlotte Mason educator, or do you think Montessori is the way to go? I’m sort of eclectic in my approach. My son likes to immerse himself in an area of learning, so we generally spend a lot of time doing unit studies because this approach allows him to explore till his heart is content. We follow a Biblical chronological history study and incorporate literature and art in as well.

Last year we were engrossed in Ancient Egyptian history for several months. Yet, sometimes it is difficult to show what the child is learning when engrossed in a unit study that is so broad. That is why I often will log onto Homeschool Share to find a Lapbook for the area of study we are in.

Did you know that you can find free lapbooks for just about any topic on the Homeschool Share website? Let your mouse hover over the toolbar where it says “Lapbooking” Then click on the “Free Lapbooks” link. From there you can access a myriad of lapbooks, but if you have trouble finding just the right topic you can simply do a search of the Homeschool Share website using the google search bar just under the toolbar. In case you don’t find the topic you are looking for your can always download the free lapbook templates†and make your own.

I was happy to find this lapbook study on Ancient Egypt. By downloading and printing the material I was able to enhance my son’s study of Ancient Egypt by putting some of what he was learning into a lapbook. Lapbooks are designed to bring the learning out of the books and into the hands. By cutting out, decorating and then writing in bits of knowledge in the guided mini-books that get placed in the folder or lapbook, the child is demonstrating their own knowledge of a subject, yet in a hands-on approach. This allows them to take ownership of their own knowledge.

Here is a look at how we used this wonderful resource.

Here you can see the front of the lapbook. It is made using a simple folder. This front cover showcases his own artwork of Ancient Egypt as well as a pocket which contains his heiroglyph name. Pockets, matchbook covers, pop-up books, accordion books, and flap books and wheel books are all used in various ways allowing the student to write their knowledge facts inside. By giving your child one small item at a time, they are not overwhelmed and can focus their knowledge on one task at a time building their lap book as they go.

Here you can see that I chose mini books for the topics of Papyrus, The Nile River and Tutankhamun the Boy King. This Homeschool Share lap book is a part of a larger unit study, which is included in the download. For our study we were already involved in a separate unit study lesson, so I chose from this set of†lapbook templates†the items I wanted my child to focus on. There were several min-book options that I chose not to use.

Here you can see a simple “Shabtis” shutter book. I printed the foldable template onto yellow card stock. Then the template is cut out, folded and the center line cut. When the student lifts the question, they write their answer beneath, then the mini-book is placed inside the larger lapbook.

These two mini-books are simple yet fun for kids. The one on the left is a simple pop-up book, when the top cover is opened the pyramid and blazing sun pop-up. The student can then write a brief description about the Valley of the Kings, or pyramid building or various other fitting facts. The second one, to the right, is a wheel book, with a window cut out revealing various facts as the top sheet spins around. In this case the various occupations of the Ancient Egyptian Culture.

Here you see an accordion mini-book about How a Mummy is Made.

Regardless of your teaching method, lapbooks can be incorporated into your lessons. With lapbooks the student is only limited by their imagination. A teacher can offer very creative options for enhancing what the child is learning. Offering students a way to take ownership of their knowledge solidifies their learning in a way that will remain with them for years, if not a lifetime, to come.

~RenÈe Brown

RenÈe Brown is a wife of 21 years to her beloved, Michael. The live in central Ohio where they are homeschooling their son Jonathan who is their lifeís greatest blessing. RenÈe is passionate about nurturing family through Biblical guidance. She enjoys writing and reading books. She likes cooking for her family and friends and you will often find her with a tall glass of sweet iced tea or a hot cup of coffee. You can read more of her writing at her blog,Great Peace Academy.

October 2013 Activity Calendar

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Pumpkin patch visit, journey to the rainforest, popcorn treats, studying vikings, hay ride, reading about Henry Ford, baking cookies, taking a walk, watching meteors, going skating . . . October lends itself to many memory making opportunities with your children, so make some plans to make your days count!

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