Tea Time with Grandma Moses

Anna Mary Moses, later known as Grandma Moses, was born September 7, 1860 in New York.  Anna spent much of her life working on the family farm with her husband, Thomas.  When Anna was widowed at the age of 67, she began embroidering to pass the time.  When her hands started to bother her, she began painting.  At first no one took much notice of her artwork, but when she was almost 80 years old she got her first art show.  People all over the world loved her folk art scenes, many of which were inspired by her childhood memories.  Grandma Moses passed away December 13, 1961 at the age of 101.

Some books you might enjoy:

Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists: Grandma Moses:  The biographies in this series are quick, easy reads with funny pictures, but they do a good job of presenting the important facts about the artist’s life.

Grandma Moses:  Alexandra Wallner’s biography is also good for elementary-aged readers.  The illustrations are in a folk art style similar to what Grandma Moses might have painted herself.

The Year with Grandma Moses:  W. Nikola-Lisa has paired Grandma Moses’s original artwork and journal entries with an original story that would be good for younger children.

Activity Ideas:

Landscapes Inspired by Grandma Moses:  Try some of these ideas at Barbara’ s Thought of the Day–with tips on teaching elements of art included!

Landscape Collages:  These mixed media creations at Dream Draw Create are beautiful!

Great American Artists for Kids:  This wonderful resource has more ideas for learning about Grandma Moses.

If you’re keeping an Artists Notebook, check out this free Grandma Moses notebooking page!


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