Fun Summer Unit Studies: Ice Cream!

Yesterday, my son made an observation, “Mom, you can study anything! You could even study something like the history of the umbrella!” Then he was quick to reply to his observation, “Not that anyone would want to study that.”

Well, I’m sure someone out there does want to study the history of the umbrella, but the majority of us — not so much.

But I can think of a topic that is sure to please many: ice cream!

If you can truly study anything (which you can), then ice cream is at the top of my list.

You can learn about geography, inventors, graphing, estimation, food processing, freezing, and pasteurization. You can practice alphabetical order, design an ice cream carton, make ice cream in a bag, and even have fun with some poetry. Yes, all those things (and more!) can be part of an ice cream unit study, and are a part of the one found at Homeschool Share!

If you’d like to add some art, craft, or cooking ideas to ice cream school, try our Ice Cream Pinterest Board.

Enjoy your sweet ice cream study!

This post is part of iHomeschool Network’s Summer Hopscotch. Check out the other blogs and find ways to make homemade Father’s Day gifts or download some free color-by-number printables!

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