Tea Time with Raphael

One of the greatest painters of the Renaissance, Raphael Sanzio was born on April 6, 1483.  As a child, Raphael learned about art alongside his father, who was also an artist.  He was a quick learner and was able to take everything his teachers taught him and then move beyond to make his artwork special.  The people in Raphael’s paintings look very realistic and he was able to make it seem as though they were moving very naturally.  Most of Raphael’s paintings are religious and he is well known for his portraits of the Madonna and Child.  Raphael died on his birthday in 1520, and though he was just 37 years old, he left behind a large number of paintings and murals that are still famous today.

If you want to try your hand at being a Renaissance-style artist, you can make your own frescoes!  Just mix up some plaster and pour it into a shallow disposable pan or dish (like a disposable cake pan).  Before the plaster sets completely, paint a picture with tempera paint.  When the plaster is completely dry, carefully remove it from the pan and you will have an art project that would look lovely displayed on an easel or given as a gift!

Raphael Notebook Page

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