Make Your Own Spring Bucket List

We have another make-your-own bucket list for you, and this time it’s for SPRING! Three cheers for spring!

Download the free file, and then choose fifteen activities you’d like to do with your children. Type them right on the page, and print it off. Start having fun and making memories!

Spring Bucket List Ideas

1. Have a picnic

2. Plant a veggie or herb garden.

3. Collect earthworms from your yard and make a hotel for them.

4. Hang yarn and string in your trees for birds to use for their nest-building.

5. Look for insects. Use a pocket guide to identify them.

6. Make a birdbath.

7. Make paper boats and sail them street gutters after a rain.

8. Blow bubbles in the spring breeze.

9. Make wind chimes.

10. Go fishing.

11. Go to a farm and visit the newborn animals.

12. Make a birdhouse.

13. Plant a flower garden.

14. Go puddle-jumping!

15. Make a rain gauge and monitor it for one month.

16. Craft a pinwheel and take it out into the wind.

17. Go on a nature walk.

18. Make a sundial with rocks.

19. Make sun prints.

20. Concoct some sidewalk chalk and draw!

21. Look for animal tracks. Use a pocket guide to identify them.

22. Create a kite. Fly it!

23. Look for rainbows after it rains.

24. Take a hike.

25. Play tic-tac-toe outside with chalk and rocks.

26. Observe and identify clouds.

27. Make a Thunder Cake!

28. Make and use a marshmallow cannon.

29. Use ice cube trays to make mud bricks. Make some constructions from the bricks.

30. Make a fairy habitat.

31. Shadow Science: trace your shadow with chalk every hour. How does it change?

32. Attend a maple tapping event.

33. Create a windsock. Watch it fly high!

34. Challenge your children to a color scavenger hunt. How many different colored nature items can they find?

35. Clean up your neighborhood! Head out with a few small garbage bags and pick up the trash you find.

36. Go to a petting zoo.

37. Learn about your backyard birds!

38. Make a butterfly feeding station or a butterfly house.

39. Tie-dye some shirts outside.

40. Collect nature items from the woods or your backyard. Make some “fossils” with them.

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9 thoughts on “Make Your Own Spring Bucket List”

  1. I absolutely LOVE this idea! I’m going to post about this on my blog with a link back here 🙂 Thanks for the great idea!!! If you aren’t ok with me posting, please let me know.

  2. This is a GREAT idea! I’m going to take care of the paper jam in my printer just so I can print it off. 😉

  3. Ami, I absolutely love this! I am going to use it as a handwriting project for my clients (ages 5-13). I will be away for 3 weeks in the Spring and this will be a wonderful way to have them practice their handwriting and to plan out some fun activities with their parents! I will pin and share with my readers as well. Thanks so much! (Great ideas for the list, as well!!! Thanks!)

  4. Great list! I am going to steal “make a birdbath”. I’ve always wanted birds chirping in my backyard 🙂

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