April Fools Day…for the kids

Do you have a little fun with your kids for April Fool’s Day?? Here are a few ideas to get you started…April Fools Day is on a Monday this year! Just a few days to get your pranks, or uh, plans in order! 

I love this idea!! Your kids will be delighted to open the fridge!

All the food and drinks will be looking right back at them!

I have also seen this idea, around the web, to just put googly eyes all over the house!


 Several fun food ideas to get your day started off with a little fun found here!

Ideas include:

  • the sliced banana trick
  • the shrunken cinnamon roll
  • the milk prank
  • the egg surprise

I just love this next idea and think I would be laughing all day about it…

I found the idea to change out all your kids clothes to SMALLER clothes in their drawers for April fools.

(I could see this being a lot of work, but maybe just the shirt drawer?)

I still think it would be pretty funny!

Idea found here. (more great ideas in that post, too!)

Ok, so let’s hear from you!!

What are your favorite pranks to have with your kids??

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6 thoughts on “April Fools Day…for the kids”

  1. we love the food ideas, like shepherd’s pie with pink mashed potatoes on to (beet juice), so it looks like a cake or chocolate milk with gelatin (=solid!)

  2. One year I opened up a can of diced tomatoes and served them each a bowl of tomatoes for lunch. I sternly told them that I was tired of them picking the tomatoes out of their food and they needed to learn to eat them. My daughter was almost in tears when I said, “April Fools!” and served them their real lunch. That was probably the meanest joke I played on them.

    I have put paper cups of popcorn on the top of their bedroom doors so that when they go in their room all the popcorn falls on them.

    I have put crumpled up balls of paper inside cabinets so that when they got up to get their cereal in the morning all the paper fell out upon opening the cabinet door.

    I have taped a rubber snake just inside the fridge so that was the first thing they saw when they opened the fridge.

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