July’s Making the Days Count Fun Activity Calendar

Here we are in the hot and hazy days of July.  These days seem beg for “slow and relaxed,” but you can still add in a few fun activities here and there!

Learn about the circus, have a teddy bear picnic, study the Olympics, explore rabbits & Beatrix Potter, and eat lots of ice cream (strawberry sundaes, vanilla ice cream, AND hot fudge sundaes — yum!).

So, pick some fun activities and make your days count!  Don’t forget to continue with your summer bucket list!  (And if you haven’t started, it’s not too late . . . create a personalized one for your family today!)

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One thought on “July’s Making the Days Count Fun Activity Calendar”

  1. I guess studying the Olympics will figure a lot in the next few weeks. This is just the perfect to tackle the subject since it is the hottest news.

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