February Grand Giveaway

I am over the moon about this month’s Grand Giveaway!  Author and classical astronomy expert, Jay Ryan, is offering up 3 copies of his new book, Moonfinder, a story book for the whole family.  You may already be familiar with Jay’s Classical Astronomy curriculum, Signs & Seasons: Understanding the Elements of Classical Astronomy.

Moonfinder is the story of a little boy who learns about the phases of the moon with his dad. Each page includes a full-color illustration (also painted by Jay) depicting the location and appearance in the sky of the moon at each phase, along with “celestial” views showing the corresponding position of the moon in it’s orbit around the earth. With Moonfinder, every member of the family can learn how to follow the monthly cycle of the moon’s phases!

This book is absolutely delightful and is sure to become a favorite in your home!

THREE of you will be blessed to win Moonfinder.


I hope you win!

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70 thoughts on “February Grand Giveaway”

  1. My favorite organization tool is a giant binder with sheet protectors, lots of forms and those post it tab dividers. (I should have read the requirements before posting a few minutes ago!)

  2. My favorite homeschool organizational things are those rubbermaid three shelf storage units. They can fit SO much, all our glue sticks, scissors, pom poms, etc. and take up very little space.

  3. My favorite organizing tool is probably my binder.I have one that is a zipper type that I keep up with all of my childrens forms,notes,etc. that I have to turn into my cover school at the end of the year.I used a regular paper folder for a long time but got so tired of it tearing and things falling out that I decided to shell out the $10 for a zippered binder.It has been by far the best investment yet.

  4. We have the plastic organizers drawer stack that holds and organizes our supplies. The different size drawers are great for the different sized things

  5. My favorite organizational tip…

    When I have a lot of paperwork, I scan it into my computer and save it. I will then send it to myself in an e-mail. This is a way to cut down on clutter. Since I have a copy, I can get rid of the original.

  6. My favorite homeschool orginizational tip is to look up! We live in a small home and I have to be creative. We have several floor to ceiling bookshelves and use baskets or pretty fabric containers to contain our supplies.

  7. I really want to win this book! It says to log in to Facebook to enter but I already am. That’s how I got to the blog(a link from the Facebook page).

  8. My favorite homeschool organization tool is magazine holders and hanging file folder holders. I use them as a modified work box system

  9. My 3 daughters LOVE getting out the telescope with Daddy and learning about the sky! This book would be awesome! My favorite homeschool item is lined baskets for all my bulky supplies and my flash cards.

  10. My favorite organizational tip is to plan out your entire school year over the summer break. This does not mean that every spot on your planner is filled (make sure to use pencil not pen) but the overall school year is done and planned. I have the kids school weeks organized by week and inside of each weeks folder is a list of any books I may need, materials, worksheets, links, etc. This way I am able to spend more family time throughout the school year rather than scrambling to put together the school week/day. A big bonus is that all of the topics flow smoothly for the kids as well.

  11. Right now our favorite organizational tools are huge Zip Loc Bags (keeps lapbook pieces all in one place) and our notebooks!!

    I would LOVE to win this resource – looks great!! Thanks for the chance!

  12. I would so love to have this! My daughter is only five, but is continually talking about wanting to be an astronaut when she grows up. She devours any materials on space or astronomy!

  13. Our favorite organizational tool is the humble 3-ring binder and some sheet protectors. We use them for notebooks, lapbooks, art projects, and more. We organize them by child and year and it keeps all their creations neat for when I am ready to create their yearly portfolio!

  14. We use color codes in our homeschool. Anything green belongs to my youngest, Noah. Blue is for Jacob, and Grey & Pink if for my oldest, Halea =)From notebooks to pencils, it makes it easy at a glance.

  15. Workboxes have been incredibly helpful as far as organization. We don’t really use the system any more, but it’s still so helpful to get every subject or activity prepped the night so we can just grab and go the next day.

  16. Best organizational tip I can think of is (but don’t always practice) is “Less is more.” Get rid of the non-essentials, so they don’t crowd out what you really want to focus on.

  17. An organizational tip that works for me: You don’t have to keep it all. (not in North Carolina anyway) The things I keep are the things that are memorable (like that first math sheet they were able to master a hard concept on, or that one with the cutest doodles on it from when they were waiting for you in order to move to the next subject- you know, the one where it shows them giving you a heart that says “Best Teacher” on it :).- We also keep lapbooks and mini offices that have information we will want to refer back to in the future. For everyday math sheets and such- show them to Daddy or Grandma or whomever- then toss them. (Might want to wait until the children are in bed if they are sensitive to this- like mine 🙂 )

  18. My favorite homeschool organization tip? I’d go for this one:

    You do not have to be perfectly organized before you start homeschooling. You don’t have to have everything planned. Just do it.

  19. I use the Ikea bookshelves (the kind that is divided into cubes). Each of my children has there own wicker basket that they place in the cubes with all their “school” items. The cases look great and everything is organized.

  20. This book sounds perfect for our homeschool collection. We are learning how Lewis and Clark used the moon to guide them during their expedition.

  21. My favorite organizational tip is to have a big binder (aka brain) that stores all of your plans for the school year and notes for the next year as well. You could use a spiral bound planner as well, but I find it very nice to be able to add papers in throughout the year.

  22. My favorite organizational tool is my daily planner, followed closely by my over-the-door file folder pocket organizer. It fits worksheets & workbooks and there is a pocket for each subject we’re studying. Inexpensive and practical!

  23. My favorite organizational tip is list making! I make lists. Lots of lists with comments about what worked and what didn’t work, what we liked and what we didn’t like, and then put those lists in a binder with dividers so that we know what we have used and what we like and what we didn’t. And I put all the other ideas that I accumulate from other friends and homeschooling parents and put those in there too.

  24. My boys would enjoy this book! As for organization tools, I make a spreadsheet that lists each day horizontally and each category across the top. Keeps us on track! 🙂 (as much as possible!! 🙂

  25. It sounds like this book would be a great addition to any homeschool family’s library. Organization is not my forte, but I find that if I give myself an overview of what I want to teach my children, I am then able to break that down week by week in a more realistic way. As much as possible, I like to have a week of school planned (and even plan a few in advance). Even if it doesn’t all get done, having a “map” is better than driving without one. 😉

  26. Organizational tip? Bins and magazine racks. I have this set of 16 bins each bin about the size of a shoe box. They all fit on a rack. Bins hold things like animal counters, flashcards, markers etc. I use magazine racks to hold workbooks, folders and spiral bound items that don’t stand well on the bookcase by themselves.

  27. Organizational tip….I LOVE my Well Planned Day notebook! It really helps me keep all of the lesson plans, activities, etc for all four of my children all in one place!

  28. Organizational tip: Stick to a schedule, we’re working on that, but it surely helps keep things organized!! What a fantastic giveaway! This would be a wonderful addition to our homeschool! Thanks!

  29. My favorite organizational tip is to keep all the books we’re currently using in a bin right next to my chair at the table. It’s portable and can move anywhere, but that way I always have the books I need and don’t have to keep getting up to find something.

  30. I went to the dollar store and purchased a small basket ( the size of a notebook or larger and a small hanndled crate ( for pencils, ect..). I have three kids so I picked three different colors. We use the larger baskets for work that is completed during the day that I need to check or file. Still trying my best to get organized! Thanks so much for your website!!!

  31. I just started using a free weekly organizer from donnayoung.org that I love! It is customizable and I can type in my lesson plans so they look neat and orderly before printing.

  32. My favorite homeschool organization is file folders. I use a file folder for each subject of completed work for the month as well as a file folder of ideas that I would like to do. I then have cubes that I put completed work and current used books in, and another cube of homeschool stuff that is not used regularly. So far this system is working well!

  33. My favorite organizational tool at this time are my rubber maid totes. But I also like the old dresser I have, filled with crafting supplies, etc., and the homemade shelves hubby built.

  34. My favorite hs organizational tip? Notebooks!!!! we have field trip notebooks, science notebooks, lab notebooks, writing notebooks. They are wonderful and I have everything at my fingertips.

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