Thanksgiving at Homeschool Share!!

Good morrow!


How now?

{In case you are new to pilgrim talk, that is “Hello! How are you?” Check out Talk Like a Pilgrim to have some fun with your little pilgrims!}

Can you believe it is time for us to start making plans for the upcoming holiday season?? Up first: Thanksgiving!! There are so many fun and wonderful things to choose from at HSS. I wanted to share a sampling of things I love and how I would use these resources in my own home.

Goody O’Grumpity is one of my all time favorite Thanksgiving books to share with little ones!! Be sure to check out all the great lesson ideas and lapbook components that this unit has to offer!! This book also most definitely calls for some baking in the kitchen together!!

There are so many different directions you could take when reading this book and doing a unit study with your children. You could focus on the Thanksgiving holiday, you could learn about pilgrims, you could incorporate a little bit of a lot of things as well – which is what you will usually find happening in our home!! 🙂

This year we are diving into American History and Thanksgiving time is going to come at the perfect time for us to focus on pilgrims and what life was like in early America.

Here are a few of my favorite pilgrim links from around the web to help you plan your Thanksgiving unit study:

American History coloring pages

Great descriptions of authentic pilgrim clothing

Discussion Activity: What would you take with you on the Mayflower? 

How to Draw the Mayflower

Hannah's drawing of the Mayflower (age 9)

Of course, if you are learning about Pilgrims you will want to check out the books written by Kate Waters entitled, Samuel Eaton’s Day and Sarah Morton’s Day. These books have great pictures to show your children!

If you’d like to add in a few books (or even a lapbook) on  Native Americans, check out all that HSS has to offer you in that subject area.  And here are a few more Thanksgiving titles.

As you can see, there is enough here to keep you busy learning about the Pilgrims and Natives for an entire year!! Most importantly, find something that peaks your child’s interest and RUN with it!! Have fun!! Don’t forget to bake a pumpkin pie…and have a pumpkin spice latte for me. 🙂

**Check out our board on Pinterest for lots of fun Thanksgiving ideas!! (we especially had fun with the tiny q-tip bow and arrow!!) 

Happy Thanksgiving reading & learning!! 


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    1. Kelly, I forget what we did. I think we used some plain old lemon peel. You might want to do a Google search for substitutions. That book is so lovely! Enjoy! 🙂

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