November Grand Giveaway!

The HSS Blog is excited to offer its first monthly Grand Giveaway!

Through the generosity of Shining Dawn Books, we have this awesome NaturExplorers Winter Fun Pack to give away to one very blessed winner!



The titles in this giveaway include:

Beautiful Birds

Birds are amazing, interesting and beautiful creatures! This unit helps bring birds nearer and dearer to your heart through serious observation and study –  all seasons of the year.



Coping with the Cold

Coping with the Cold: How Animals Survive the Winter Season thoroughly covers the topics of adaptations, migration and hibernation through a huge selection of outdoor and indoor nature study ideas!



Snow and Ice

In this unit, you will train yourself to see the beauty and delicate intricacies of snow, ice and frost, as well as understand the science behind each.  Outdoor activity ideas will encourage you to explore properties of snow, ice & frost, make measurements, determine directionality, experiment with temperatures and wind chill, experiment with friction, and much, much more!


Nature Studies Through the Holidays: Advent

Advent is a weekly focus on various parts of the Christmas story during the month leading up to Christmas.  For each of these weeks, we have provided you with Scripture references, nature study activities and full-color notebooking pages.  Through nature study, our hope is that you will grow closer to the Lord and His perfect gift, Jesus, this Christmas season.


This contest will run from midnight (EST), November 13 through midnight (EST), November 19. The winner will be announced by 9PM (EST) on November 20.

Click here to familiarize yourself with our contest rules.


I hope you win!

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86 thoughts on “November Grand Giveaway!”

  1. My favorite nature activity in winter would have to be playing in the snow with the kids and then coming in for hot chocolate. 🙂 I love seeing the different kinds of snow and trying to use them for building forts, snowballs, and so on. It amazes me that there can be wet snow, dry snow, and everything in between.

  2. My favorite nature activity in the winter is to study the complexity of snowflakes!!! Then we can make YUMMY snowcream and snowflakes out of paper!!!

  3. I’ve been wanting to try a Naturexplorers study for a few months now – they all look so fabulous and I feel like I need a little guidance for nature study still.

  4. This will sound funny but, our favorite activity this fall was “skipping” acorns in a huge puddle at our town’s park. The girls had a blast and we laughed quite a bit. 🙂

  5. Our favorite winter activity is to go cross country skiing and sledding. We also love taking nature walks. We are blessed to enjoy nature right around our home!

  6. I like to take walks. I always have a camera with me to catch a picture of a deer, a beautiful flower, or even a hawk on a facepost. The nature God has created around us holds beauty in every season!

  7. Favorite nature study is birds!!! We have lots of windows in our home, and we see lots of birds from the inside of our home or on walks as a family. Thanks for doing this giveaway!!!

  8. We have really enjoyed learning about snowflakes/snowflake Bentley in the past, so I have to say that studying snowflakes and all of the associated activities ( snow ice cream, paper snowflakes, etc) is our favorite winter nature study. These units look great!


  9. I think my favorite one would be Nature Studies through the Holidays: Advent. We love Christmas and the season that comes before it, so this would be great for our homeschool.

  10. DD has really been into pressing flowers lately. WE are using the Apologia’s Flying Creatures…. this year so the bird study would go well with that.

  11. What a great giveaway! We would love all these great books.

    Wow, our favorite nature activity. I guess it would vary with the season. We love hiking and exploring during the spring, summer and fall. We love finding signs of nature (old nests, animal tracks in the snow, scat, etc.) in the winter. Summer is for gardening of all types. Fall we enjoy collecting leaves and dried seed heads. Springtime means raising tadpoles and discovering the first signs of life as winter gives way.

    Thanks so much for having this great contest.

  12. Our favorite nature activity is definitely going to a local waterfall and playing in the river. It’s wonderful in any season. Occasionally, the waterfall even freezes – very cool!
    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  13. our favorite nature thing to do sitting out in our back yard. It changes seasonally: summer-swimming,gardening spring-flowers and the weather! fall, leaves changing and starting late fall, winter, our fire pit! Good family times. =0)

  14. I love going on nature walks in the woods with my daughter. Unfortunately, they are not my daughter’s favorite activities. That Black Racer Snake ruined it for her. 😉

  15. In the past our favorite has been building snow forts/slides and making paper snowflakes. This year, due to a move, we are looking forward to more nature walks (while taking pictures)and when the snow does come, enjoying it to the fullest!

  16. Our favorite nature activity is just taking a walk and seeing what kinds of interesting things we find. We also enjoy watching the birds out our window & identifying them ~ it’s a nice way to do a nature activity from the warmth of home! 🙂

  17. Our favorite nature activity is taking a walk at our local nature center to see what we can find. After our walk we go inside and see the exhibits then go to the bird viewing area to see how many different birds we can spot.

  18. We live in the woods and just love to explore all that nature has to offer us in our own backyard. We found a spotted salamander the other day, never seen one before and have lived here all my life. Was a great discovery!

  19. Our favorite nature activity is camping. We live close to the Smoky Mtns. and take advantage of this to have some family fun. And camping aloows us to explore all the area around us!!

  20. We LOVE nature walks and finding the signs of the season we are in. We also love exploring the creek and pond on our property.

  21. Our favorite nature activity is to walk through the prairie preserve behind our house and try to spot and identify the various animal footprints we find in the snow.

  22. These look wonderful!! I’ve always wanted to try these nature studies but have procrastinated (and we always need some extra activities for the long winter months!). We’re so excited to finally have a bird feeder this year and looking forward to watching them feast all winter.

  23. Our favorite nature activity is taking a hike in a nearby glen and trying to identify flowers both native and non native as well as trying to be quiet and see what kind of wild life we can see.

  24. We love to take walks in our neighborhood and collect large pinecones and pecans. We also love to sit in our kitchen and watch the birds that visit our birdfeeder.

  25. Our favorite nature activity is building fairy houses using all the ingredients God has provided us. We enjoy looking through nature and using our imagination to incorporate what we find into our fairy house design. For instance, using moss as fairy grass or a walnut shell as a pool.

  26. My favorite is taking a fall hike through a nature reserve or state forest and just enjoying the beauty of Fall and noticing all the changes around me. Thanks for the opportunity to win the great prize!

  27. Our favorite nature activity is heading to one of our many beautiful state parks and taking a silent hike. We hike, take in the scenery, and then find a great place to sit and discuss what we saw.

  28. Our favorite nature activity is going camping as a family. We hike, fish, enjoy campfires, watch wildlife and enjoy being together as a family.

  29. Our favorite nature activity is PLAYING! The kids love to run, jump over, crawl under, stack, sort, build with, tear up, tear down, and generally mess around with anything they can find – sticks, rocks, leaves, vines, whatever is out there. They’d much rather have thirty minutes of “do what you want to do” time than two hours of “follow the trail and look but don’t touch now let’s move along” while we’re outside.

  30. I would love new nature material to use. We love walking through the woods by our house to see how the landscape changes through the seasons, checking out the animals and animal tracks that we see, sledding, making snow candy, and of course snowball fights. We also reflect each day during advent.

  31. One of my favorite nature studies is going to a local state park with my family and going for a really long hike. I love it so much! It has become a tradition and my kids get so excited when they know we’re headed there.

    Another fun one is going leaf hunting!

  32. My children and I thoroughly enjoy walking through nature and seeing all of God’s creation! Observing how things move, what they look like and especially how they change with the seasons…SO magnificent! I would really enjoy having some new material to use with them, and they would be forever grateful! Thank you for considering!

  33. Our favorite nature activity is camping! We love heading off into the mountains and roughing it. I love cooking over a fire, star gazing and exploring the land around us. The sounds are the BEST part!

  34. Our favorite nature activity as a family is our birding that we do in our very own backyard. We have SEVERAL feeders and we have a large window that overlooks the entire yard, it’s so much fun to watch all the “Traffic” :O). I would love to give these nature units a try, especially the birds!

  35. We love to go camping at one of our State Parks. We love to take long hikes and canoe trips to observe all of the beauty God has given us.

  36. I’ve read about some of these nature studies over on Ami’s blog and they look so wonderful. Thanks for the opportunity to have one in the grand giveaway!

  37. Our favorite nature activity is just taking a walk and seeing what we see that usually we are to rushed to see. To get closer to nature and really look.

  38. Our favorite nature activity is birdwatching. We take our field guide and our binoculars and try to see how many birds we can identify.

  39. We just love being outdoors. It’s not often that we get snow, but when we do, we love catching snowflakes and studying their design. During the warmer months, we love walking in the woods and just taking in nature.

  40. Yes, it is glad to share it with others. My favorite natural activity is climbing. I like the feeling of challenge and boarding the peak.

  41. I teach 1st grade science, and we are just beginning a unit on habitats, adaptations, and food chains. This would be perfect!

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