Hi, Howdy, Hello

Welcome to the Homeschool Share blog! I’m butterflies-in-my-stomach excited about this. The entire Homeschool Share blog team is (well, I think they are!).

I teeter-tottered about a blog for Homeschool Share for a few years. I needed purpose for something like this; I’m not willing to ask people to donate their time to something that lacks vision.

So why is this blog here?

1. To encourage you along the journey. 

Each month Wende will offer some practical wisdom with her feature,
Q & A.

In A Book Worth Reading, Jen will highlight a living book you might want to add to your library stack.

I will take a favorite homeschool quote and pretty-it-up into a piece of inspiring art with Words of Wisdom.

You’ll find a Grand Giveaway {of a great product} hosted by Marcy.


This blog also exists

2. To promote Homeschool Share. 

Sometimes I fondly refer to HSS as The Beast. It’s humongous, and it’s hard to remember all the units, lapbooks, and resources that are offered (I can’t even keep it all straight!). So Celia, our research queen, will provide you with a monthly Calendar full of relevant units and fun days to keep you in the HSS-know and to keep your homeschool days fresh.

Show & Tell will feature you (our readers and fellow HSS users). We’ll pick some blog entries about how you’ve used Homeschool Share and blab about them. This will also include a link-up for others to show and tell their HSS adventures.

In Homeschool Share & Beyond, Candace will take a unit (or resource) from Homeschool Share and give you gobs of add-on ideas from around the web.

And I’ll take you on a tour of What’s New at Homeschool Share.

I pray this blog will be a good thing for His glory.

Grace and Peace,

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18 thoughts on “Hi, Howdy, Hello”

  1. SO excited for this blog and THANKFUL to all that help or add to it!!!! Such a blessing and amazing resources for all those that wish to help their children have a LOVE for learning!!!! Blessings!!!

  2. You have already been such a blessing to my family and I have shared with so many of my homeschool friends here in Roanoke, VA. This blog sounds wonderful!

  3. Love your posts. Subscribed to get the free templates. Received email with a link to ‘become official’; it does not work. Please advise. Cheers!

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