Homeschool Share - Childrens Books with Recipes
Albert's ThanksgivingLisa TryonPumpkin Pizza PieAlbert the duck gets asked to help with P.T.A.'s Thanksgiving preparations and ends up doing everything except his original job of getting the vegetables. He gets the help he needs and in the end it is a great feast.
Amelia and Eleanor Go For A RidePamela Munoz RyanEleanor Roosevelt's Pink Clouds On Angel Food CakeThis is an embellished account of an evening spent between friends Eleanor Roosevelt and Amelia Earhart that included dinner, a plane ride and a fast car ride.
Apple BatterDeborah ZagwynApple Crumble
Apple Farmer AnnieMonica WellingtonApplesauce, Apple Mufins, Apple CakeAnnie picks, sorts and makes her apples into many things to sell at the farmers market. She sells her goods and returns home content.
Apple Pie Tree, TheZoe HallApple PieCollage illustrations show an apple tree through the seasons.
ApplesElaine Landau1. Apple Smiles 2. Baked Cinnamon Apples
Aunt Pitty Patty's PiggyJim AylesworthCornbread
Auntie EdnaEthel Footman SmothersTea Cakes
Baby Babka, The Gorgeous GeniusJane Breskin ZalbenChocolate babka (Cake like dessert)Beryl calls the baby that is coming Babka hoping it is a sweet girl. It is a boy and Beryl thinks not so sweet at first. Uncle helps show her the meaning of family love.
Bake Shop Ghost, TheJacqueline OgburnChocolate CakeThe ghost of the best baker in town haunts her bake shop when it is sold until one of the new owners bakes something good enough to make her cry
BananasElaine Landau1. Banana Pancakes 2. Breakfast Shake
Beautiful SoupEleanor ClymerBeautiful Soup
Bee-bim Bop!Linda Sue ParkBee-bim bopBee-bim bop is a Korean rice and vegetable dish.
Beekeeper's Year, ASylvia A. Johnsonhoney recipes
Benito's BizcochitosAnn BacaBizcochitos ( cookies)While preparing the traditional Christmas cookies, Benito listens to her Grandmother tell the story of how the cookie came to be.
Berry Book, TheGail Gibbons1. Blueberry Pie 2. Strawberry Jam 3. Raspberry Ice Cream
Birthday Cake is No Ordinary Cake, ADebra FrasierCakeTravel around the sun and end at your birthday with a cake.
Blackberry StewIsabella MonkBlackberry StewA young girl is sad about her Grandfathers passing and the funeral she must attend. She learns about remembering when her Aunt takes her back to a memorable outing with her Grandfather blackberry picking. A story told with a richness of family and love.
Blue Potatoes, Orange TomatoesRosalind Creasy"recipes"
Cake All For Me, AKaren Magnuson Beil1. Piggy's Polka-Dot Cake 2. Piggy's Choc-o-Lot Frosting
Carlos and the CarnivalJan Romero StevensSopaipillasThis book is told in both English and Spanish. Carlos always has an adventure.
Carlos and the CornfieldJan Romero StevensBlue Corn PancakesThis book is told in both English and Spanish. Carlos gets to plant the corn for the first time.
Carlos and the Squash PlantJan Romero StevensCalabacitas
Carlos Digs to ChinaJan Romero StevensSweet RiceThis is told in both English and Spanish.
Chicks and Salsa Aaron ReynoldsSalsa, Nachos, GuacamoleThe chickens are tired of eating the same thing so rooster gets crazy and creates a fiesta for the farm.
Children's World Cookbook ILF. Watt+40 recipes from around the worldThis book includes more than forty simple, delicious recipes from around the world. There's lots of information on what is traditionally eaten in different countries and the ingredients which are used. You'll also find fascinating photographs of places, from floating markets in Thailand to Italian delicatessans and Mexican food markets full of exotic fruits and spices. What is an Internet-Linked book?
Chiles For BenitoAnn BacaRed Chili SauceA girl learns about the magic chile seeds from her Grandmother while picking and making chile "ristras" the bundles of chiles hung to dry.
Chocolate Chip CookiesKaren WagnerChocolate Chip CookiesOne word per page and an illustration to accompany show the making of cookies from Ready to Taste. Simple but fun little book.
Cook-a-Doodle-Doo!Janet StevensGreat-Granny's Magnificent Strawberry Shortcake
Cookie Store Cat, TheCynthia RylantGumdrop gems, gingerbread men, Scotch Chewies, buttons, frosty fruit squares, Santa Claus Faces, and Cinnamon sugarplums.A stray cat is taken in by a group of bakers. Cookie store cats day is full of love. A very cute charming story about how an animal can win your heart.
CornElaine Landau1.Popcorn Balls 2. Old-Fashioned Cornbread
Count On PabloBarbara deRubertisSalsa
Country Bear's Good NeighborLarry Dane BrimnercakeCountry Bear ends up borrowing all the ingredients for a cake from his neighbor a little girl. She gets a little upset until Bear brings the finished cake for her as a gift.
Cow, a Bee, a Cookie and Me, AMeredith HooperHoney CookiesHomeschool Share has a unit for this book
Cranberry Christmas Harry DevlinChristmas Cookies
Cranberry ThanksgivingHarry DevlinCranberry BreadFive in a Row Volume I title.
Cranberry ValentineHarry DevlinCranberry Upside-down Cake
Crepes by SuzetteMonica WellingotnCrepesA girl sells her crepes from a push cart all around Paris.
Cucumber SoupVickie Leigh KrudwigCucumber SoupA cucumber falls on the entrance to an ant hill and 10 ants call out for help to move it. A counting story involving 9 mosquitoes, 8 ladybugs…evolves until the cucumber is moved.
Dinosaur PizzaLee WardlawDinosaur Pizza
Dumpling SoupJama Kim Rattigan
Eating FractionsBruce McMillanThis book has two pages of recipes for the foods with suggestions for additional activites with fractions.
Empanadas that Abuela Made, TheDiane Gonzales BertrandEmpanadasEmpanadas are stuffed pastries, popular in Spain, Portugal, the Carribean, and Latin America. The word comes from the Spanish verb empanar, meaning to wrap. They are often filled with meats or vegetables, but the version in this book is a dessert version with a pumpkin filling. The book is bilingual; each page shows the words in both English and Spanish. The recipe is also at the end of the book in both English and Spanish.
Everybody Bakes BreadNorah Dooley1. Coconut 2. Chapatis 3. Corn 4. Pocket 5. Challis 6. Pupusas 7. Italian - All breads
Everybody Cooks RiceNorah DooleyriceRecipes using rice from the following cultures: Barbados, Puerto Rico, Vietnam, India, China, Haiti, and Italy.
Everything on a WaffleHorvath, Pollymultiple recipesThis is a Newberry Honor chapter book, and at the end of each chapter is a simple recipe. Karen
Extra Cheese, Please!Cris PetersonPizza
FamilyIsabell MonkCoconut Cake, Frosting, Lemonade, Corn Puddin, Sweet and Sour PicklesA young girl goes to the country to visit her relatives and has a fun filled reunion complete with food and a strong sense of family love and identity.
Fannie In the KitchenDeborah HopkinsonFamous Griddle Cakes
For My Family, Love, AllieEllen SenisiPeanut Butter Treats
Giant Carrot, TheJan PeckLittle Isabelle's Carrot Puddin'
Good Enough To Eat: A Kid's Guide to Food and NutritionLizzy RockwellIncludes two pages of the author's favorite recipes.
Goody O'GrumpityCarol Ryrie BrinkSpice CakeHomeschool Share has a unit for this book.
Grandma & Me & Her Secret RecipeNozick, Betsy PancakesA young girl tells of the special pancake tradition she has with her Grandma.
Growing Vegetable SoupLois Ehlert Vegetable Soup
Harvest of Color, AMelanie EclareVegetable Salad
Here's the Scoop!: Follow an Ice-Cream Cone Around the WorldNeale S. GodfreyPenny Bright's Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
Hooray for Dairy Farming!Bobbie KalmanBanana Milkshake
How My Family Lives in AmericaSusan Kuklin1. Sanu's Tieou Dienn 2. Eric's Habichuelas 3. April's Cold Sesame Noodles
How to Make an Apple Pie and See the WorldMarjorie PricemanApple PieFIAR Volume I title.
Huevos Rancheros: A Mexican taleCzernecki, StefanSalsa Ranchera and Fried EggsA refreshing trickster tale . A brave and clever hen with a flair outsmarts her coyote adversary through charm and culinary arts.
Jalapeno BagelsNatasha Wing1. Chango Bars 2. Jalapeno Bagels
Little Red Hen and the Ear of Wheat, TheMary Finchwhole wheat bread
Making MinestroneStella BlackstoneMinestrone Soup
Mama Panya's Pancakes, A Village Tale from KenyaMary and Rich ChamberlinMama Panya's PancakesA fun story about a boy who always seems to be a few steps ahead of Mama. In addition to the story and recipe, there are facts about village life, flora, fauna, and language of Kenya. A map of Kenya is also included.
Mim's Christmas JamAndrea Davis PinckneyMim's Belly-hum Jam (apple based)A warm tale of an African American family whose father has gone from their country home to New York City to work in the construction of the subway system. He misses his family and Mim's special Christmas jam that makes his "belly hum". Her jam ends up bringing a special Christmas gift. End notes on the NYC subway construction also.
Mr. Wolf and the Three BearsJan Fearnleysee notesBaby Bear's Birthday Cake, Mommy Bear's Sandwhiches, Daddy Bear's Huff Puffs, Cheesy SnipSnap Biscuits, Grandma's Golden Pie
Mud Pie AnnieBuchanan, Sue and Shafer, Dana Mud PieWritten in rhyme and great for preschoolers or kindergarteners. This is a MOPS (Mothers Of PreSchoolers book)- and includes a Bible verse for application.
New Year Be Coming! A Gullah YearKatharine BolingHopping John (Black-eyed Peas)Each month has a poem using Gullah (African Americans of the lowlands in Georgia and South Carolina coasts Language. Includes info on the Gullah people, glossary and beautiful wood cut style illustrations.
Oh, No, Toto!Katrin TchanaEgussi Soup
Pancakes, Pancakes!Eric Carlepancakes
Papa's LatkesJane Breskin ZalbenLatkesA bear family has a Latke making contest after Mama declares she is tired of making the latkes every Chanukah.
Peanut Butter PartyRemy Charlip"Simple Recipes, such as peanut butter play dough"
Pigs in the Pantry: Fun with Math and CookingAmy AxelrodFirehouse Chili
PizzaSaturnino RomayEasy Pizza (eng. muffins)
Popcorn Book, TheTomie de Paolatraditional popcorn
Pumpkin FiestaCaryn YacowitzPumpkin Soup
Pumpkin SoupHelen CooperPumpkin Soup
Real Story of Stone Soup, TheYing Chang CompestineEgg Drop Stone SoupThe Chang Brothers are up to their crazy, lazy ways again as the forget a cooking pot to cook lunch in while helping a fisherman.
Remember, Grandma?Laura LangstonApple PieA poignant story of a girl and her Grandma As Grandma starts to forget things the girl helps her remember.
Runaway Latkes, theLeslie KimmelmanLatkesRetelling of the classic runaway tale.
Runaway Rice Cake, TheYing Chang CompestineBaked Nian-Gao, Steamed Nian GaoA charming twist on the classic runaway gingerbread man tale, set in China at Chinese New Year.
Salmon ForestDavid Suzuki and Sarah EllisBrett's Favorite SalmonPicture book details the life cycle of the salmon and gives a recipe for a sweet teriyaki sauce to barbecue salmon.
Saturday SancochoLeyla TorresCassavaSouth American stew
Saturdays and TeacakesLaminack, LesterTeacakes(actually have to go to a website for recipe)A very touching story of how a boy lovingly spends Saturdays with his Grandma. The warmth that radiates from this story is grand.
Seasons of Arnold's Apple Tree, TheGail GibbonsArnold's Apple Pie
Selina and the Shoo-fly PieBarbara SmuckerShoo-fly Pie, Shoo-fly Pie with a wet bottom Time passes for Selina as she waits for a visit from the Grandmother she misses. A promise from grandmother of making Shoo-Fly is eagerly awaited even though it sounds strange.
Sip, Slurp, Soup, Soup Caldo, Caldo, CaldoBertrand, Diane GonzalesCaldo (soup)A tale told in English, and Spanish about a pair of children as the watch their Mama prepare a pot of Caldo soup, their going to get tortillas with Papa and finally getting to eat it.
SnowballsLois EhlertPopcorn BallsBuiling snow people and animals has never been so fun! Collage and cut paper illustrations with an I spy type challenge in the end. Very fun.
Sofie's RoleAmy HeathCinnamon Stars (Cookies), MarzipanA young girl tries to find a way to help in her families busy bakery at the holidays. She is small but finally finds a way and is proud of her contribution.
Song for Lena, AHilary Horder HippelyGrandma's Apple StrudelHomeschool Share has a unit for this book.
Still-Life StewHelena Clare PittmanVegetable Stew
Stone SoupHeather ForestStone ( vegetable) SoupA twist on the classic tale that teaches about sharing.
Story of Chopsticks, TheYing Chang CompestineSweet Eight Treasures Rice Pudding
Story of Noodles, TheYing Chang CompestineLong Life NoodlesFolk tale from China that tells how 3 little boys get into mischief and end up creating noodles that win a contest held by the Emperor. This author has several books with recipes including one about Paper!
Sun BreadElisa Lkeven
Sweet Potato PieKathleen LindseySweet Potato Pie and crustSet in the early 1900's, an African American family helps each other try to save their farm by making and selling Mama's best ever sweet potato pie at the big town festival. A very good story with vibrant illustrations.
Tallulah in the KitchenNancy WolfBlueberryPancakesA cat and her two friends, Alligator and Pig make pancakes together. There are funny thought bubbles throughout the story.
This is the Way We Eat Our LunchEdith Baervarious"This book takes a global trip sampling different foods children have for lunch."
Three Cheers for Catherine the GreatCari BestBorschtRussian Grand ma wants NO PRESENTS for her birthday. Sara learns from Mama that there are lots of good NO PRESENTS to give -as long as they come from deep inside you. A very touching story!
ThundercakePatricia PolaccoThundercakeHomeschool Share has a unit study for this title.
TomatoesElaine LandauPizza Bagels
Two Old PotatoesJohn CoyMashed PotatoesAn African American girl finds a icky old potato. Her father suggests they plant it and grow new ones. Month by month they watch it grow and tend to it. Harvest day comes and they dig to find their reward.
Ugly Vegetables, TheGrace LinUgly Vegetable Soup
Uncle Phil's DinerHelena Clare PittmanBlueberry pancakesRuthie and her Dad make the trek 10 blocks in the cold and snow to have breakfast at their Uncle Phil's Diner trying to stay warm along the way by remember scenes from summer. At the diner they are warmed from inside out.
Valentine FoxesWatson, ClydePound CakeA family of foxes gets ready to celebrate Valentine's Day. While Mama is out the children decide to make something special and make a huge mess instead.
Valerie and the Silver PearDarling, BenjaminPear PieA young girl spends time with her Grandpa who shares stories of her Grandma all while picking pears and turning them into pear pies just like Grandma used to make.
Warthogs in the KitchenPamela Duncan Edwardscupcakes
Watch Out For Chicken Feet in Your SoupDePaolo, TommieBread DollsJoey Takes his friend Eugene on a visit to his Italian Grandma's house. Joey tells him she talks funny, pinches cheeks and has old stuff all around. Eugene falls in love grandma's old world ways.They make bread dolls together.
What Zeesie Saw on Delaney StreetElsa Okon RaelTsimmes (Sweet Relish), Leykach (Honey Cake)Zeesie is allowed to go to a package party with her parents and a dollar bill of her own to bid with. She goes into a room she is told not to and sees something that awakens her heart and sense of giving. End notes give meanings to Hebrew words and a description of what pacakge parties were.
WheatElaine LandauCrunchy Granola
When Zaydeh Dances on Eldridge StreetElsa Okon RaelTante Golda's Apricot Jam Cookies, Bubbeh Shayndel's Apple CakeA young girl is invited to share a celebration at the synagogue with her stern Grandfather and learns the meaning of Torah and makes her Zaydeh proud. A very touching story.